Modest Home Libraries (page 2)



These well-designed wood shelves fill most of one wall of this living room/library. There is room at the end to store a library ladder, which hooks onto the rail running across the face of the shelves.



These white-painted shelves are built around and over a wide doorway, making good use of space that otherwise would not be used – and adding a depth to the passage through the door that is appealing.


Stephen Cabbitt Company, Cabinetmakers

These rich wood shelves are handsomely constructed in a traditional manner, with attractive moldings and finish.



These beautifully-finished wood shelves wrap around a wall in three sections, leaving space for a door and a window. This is clearly a living room space primarily, but there is space for storing a modest book collection and a quantity of decorative pieces as well.



This oddly-shaped space (I think the shape is distorted by the wide-angle camera lens) provides closed storage at the base of both walls and book storage above. There is a channel in the floor to guide the rolling ladder (although I am not certain that one is necessary due to the modest shelf height and the presence of the storage cabinets below, which could be used as a step). The unfurnished room, together with the fake books on the shelves makes this room curiously unappealing. Additionally, the amount of sunlight streaming in the windows would not be good for books.



These very formal bookcases, in three arched sections are beautifully-crafted and lend interest to what would otherwise be a run-of –the-mill stair landing. However, the shelves look to be at least four feet wide, which makes me concerned about the possibility of the dreaded shelf sag. Perhaps the shelves are constructed of thicker hardwood, and it appears that there might be a back support in the middle of each shelf.



These white-painted shelves blend in with the white walls and trimwork of these two rooms, covering the walls and the space over the doorway between them. There may be similar bookshelves on the other side of the shown wall, as well.



This academic-looking space has at least one entire wall covered with handsome stained-wood bookshelves. Additionally, a long, low bookshelf stretches across another wall, providing a place to rest some fine library accoutrements: a globe and a dictionary stand. A wide desk is a good spot for working.



These shelves, which are credited as being from Ikea's Billy line of ready-made shelving units, are cleverly placed to look like built-in units. However, the photo does not show that the shelves do not extend to the ceiling. Also, I wonder if a library ladder could indeed be attached to these particleboard shelves, which are rated to hold only 66 pounds each (and why one would be necessary, since they are only six and a half feet tall).



This extremely modern space has a wall of floor-to-ceiling light wood cubical shelves at the back, perhaps in a hallway. A ladder is available to reach the higher shelves.


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