Modest Home Libraries (page 3)


This ultra-modern, spare room has shelves for books, as well as doors that likely conceal a television and accompaniments. Since the rest of the room is so sparsely-furnished, the books take center stage in this space. Interestingly, the preponderance of the spines of this book collection are white, brown, gray and yellow, leading me to wonder if some of the books have been re-covered, or if perhaps they are not real books at all.



This hallway is lined with white-painted bookshelves with handsome moldings. Thoughtfully, lighting has been installed above the shelves, as hallways can often be dim places.


1023 (Grant White)

This stylish space has traditional built-in book shelves angled across the back of the room, with closed cabinets at the base and shelves above.


1024 (Design Sponge)

These simple white book shelves blend into the white walls and light-colored furnishings, providing space for between five hundred and a thousand books.


1025 (Living, Etc.)

These tall, dark-painted shelves are balanced by the large window surrounded by white-painted trim and the furnishings, ranging in style from traditional to very modern.



This is one of those rare libraries: a curved one. What we can see of the room suggests that it is a round room with a domed ceiling. Of course, the difficulty with round libraries is that books do not curve to fit curving shelves. If the room is large enough, the curve will be slight enough that it might not pose any problem, but this is not a large round room.



This space features white cubical bookshelves running up one end wall. A space is left for a desk, and the rest of the room is given over to seating and a sisal rug with a Greek key design around the edge.



This library makes use of the space above and below this modern open staircase. A built-in platform couch cantilevers in front of the staircase, adding to the comfort and function of the space.



This very geometric space is defined by the interesting ceiling. The bookshelves are black, backless cubes and there is additional book storage provided by the vertical book stand. A very comfortable-looking couch beckons the reader.



This has many elements of an English cottage room. The green-painted book shelves, the painted floor, the ornate moldings and wood trim work, the low ceilings, the paintings hanging on the book shelves. These book shelves are built in to the wall containing the door to another room that appears to hold books as well. A charming place.


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