Larger Home Libraries (page 10)


A nice two-story library in a $12 million mansion in Alberta, Canada named "Ghost Lake Manor." There are many well-crafted wood bookcases, a fireplace, a spiral staircase and two-story windows on one wall. The posts holding up the balcony are similar to pillars throughout the house, a theme perhaps, but such a room always looks better without any visible means of support, the balcony cantilevered out of the wall, yielding more usable floor space and an uninterrupted view of the room.



This is the library in a 24,000-square-foot mansion in Lexington, Kentucky. A very nice room with beautiful wood bookcases and paneling, a stone fireplace (with portrait hung above) and an interesting ceiling. There are rich furnishings, including comfortable seating, good lighting and the best accessory: books scattered all about.



This is a combination family room/library on two stories in a 13,000-square-foot house in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. It is odd that there evidently are no bookcases on the main level – only paneling – and all the book space is on the upper level. I spy a very nice wet bar in the forefront, however, and the windows, ceiling and chandelier are magnificent.



As a rule, I do not like to show libraries without books or furnishings, but this one is so ornate that I felt I had to include it. Part of a $20 million mansion in Coral Gables, Florida, the library gives a pretty good imitation of being built in 1700s France, even though it was actually built in 2009 Florida. Very ornately carved wood paneling, bookcases and plaster ceiling, beautiful parquet floors and the apparently-requisite wet bar in back (with television behind the bar). Who says nobody has libraries in Florida?



This is actually a refreshingly simple library in an 8,000-square-foot house in Kentfield, CA. A roughly square room with wood paneling and bookcases, a bowed window seat and modest-but-interestingly-shaped windows around. Nice.



This library is in a comparatively modest 5,000-square-foot Atlanta, Georgia house. It is a two-story library, but like 2093, all the books are stored on the upper level, with apparently no bookcases on the main level, only wood paneling. This is a disturbing trend, if it is a trend.



This library is part of the 30,000-square-foot house on the island of Emerald Cay – you get the whole island for $50 million. This impressive three-story library again has most of the books storage space on the second level (the third level has the required wet bar).



The library in a 1921 Los Angeles Tuscan-style house. Originally the living room, the new owners needed room for their 5,000 books and designed and built the double-height bookcases themselves. The shelves reach the paneled ceiling, which was hand-painted by Italian artisans in the 1920s. The panels displaced by the bookcases were used for the cabinet doors at the bottom of the shelves. Very nice.



The bookcases in this Santa Fe, New Mexico house curve around the walls. The house was built sustainably.


Architectural Digest

The library in this very modern Portland, Oregon house is constructed of 100 feet of steel shelving on concrete that spans the entire length of one wall of the house's lower level.