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This impressive library in a mountain house in Strawberry Park, Colorado has two levels with a railed balcony overlooking the lower level. The balcony edge is curved in a sinuous, piano-like shape that lends an elegance to the space that a straight edge would not. The near-requisite circular staircase leads to the upper level. The shelves and paneling are stained wood, beautifully executed, and the lighting needs of a library have been amply provided for – a combination of shaded wall sconces, table lamps and a chandelier. Beautiful.



This elegant room has floating white shelves on at least two walls, providing storage for probably two thousand books. The light wood herringbone-laid floor, light-colored corner fireplace, light, modern furnishings and noble proportions of the room all contribute to a graceful feeling about this space.



In this photo by Jan Baldwin, this two-story wall of white cubical bookshelves dominates the space, with books towering over the sitting area far below. Even the balcony around the upper level, made of clear glass mounted below, does not interfere with seeing the impressive display of books.


2014 (Lili Abir Regen)

At least two walls are covered, floor to approximately 12-foot ceiling, with bookshelves open to the sides and back, so that the white walls can be seen behind the books.


2015 (Eric Staudenmaier)

These shelves run the length of this landing wall – at least thirty feet in length, enough room to display several thousand books. The space is furnished simply, due to the narrow width of it.


2016 (Skona Hem)

At least one wall of this room is covered from floor to probably 12-foot ceiling in white-painted shelves, well-filled with books. Additionally, another shelf has been run above the door. Everything in the room appears to be white – walls, shelves, furnishings – everything except the books and art, which are highlighted by this treatment.


2017 (Peter Frank)

At least one wall of this modern room is covered, floor to 10-foot ceiling, with painted cubical book shelves. Probably a thousand books can be stored in this geometric grid of eighty-one shelves (nine by nine).


2018 (AT Casa)

White-painted cubical shelves have taken over both this room and the next, providing space to store thousands of books. The white shelves are graphically set off by the black floors.



2019 (AT Casa)

This nearly double-height room (two photos) has bookshelves running nearly up to the ceiling, probably fourteen feet in height, necessitating a very long ladder. Those afraid of heights should not live in this house, but the room does provide ample space for thousands of books. A beautiful chandelier is the focal point of the space.


2020 (M2 Interior design)

This modern space has at least two walls covered with what look like simply-constructed, painted wood book shelves. Thick floor-length curtains ensure that books are protected from bright sunlight, and a table in the center of the space provides a place to study – or a beautiful dining area.


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