Larger Home Libraries (page 3)

2021 (Simon Watson)

This traditionally-furnished library appears to be completely enveloped in grayish-green-painted wood books shelves with handsome moldings and trim work. But the room leaves plenty of space for a cozy fireplace, a desk for studying and a comfortable couch for reading. A homey, pleasant room.


2022 (Thomas Mayer)

This library, which may be located in a basement, judging from the low ceilings, is lined with simple, unfinished pine book shelves. Care should be taken in basements to ensure that dampness – one of the great enemies of books – is not present.


2023 (Jordi Canosa)

This tall room has one wall covered by book shelves that stretch to the very high ceiling (probably twelve feet or higher). The drafting table and otherwise spare furnishings indicate that an architect may own this space.


2024 (House to Home)

This fairly small room manages to fit a surprising amount of book shelf space into itself, probably enough for more than a thousand books. The open, floating shelves have light edges but are painted a dark color on the horizontal surfaces, drawing attention to the uniform edges.


2025 (from Book Décor)

This library is dominated by the beautiful stained wood – the shelves, the round library table, the chairs. It is a very traditional-looking library. The shelves are marked by the heavy moldings and trim work and they appear to extend around at least two walls.



Clearly a decorator library (from a site that sells decorator books by the yard), this space is filled entirely with red books, across an entire wall of supported shelves.



The library and double-height hallway in an architect's house in Los Feliz, California. The bookshelves, probably 14 feet tall, are painted blue (to match the chandelier?) and the taller shelves are accessed by an extra-tall rolling library ladder.



This massive wall of books is naturally lit from above by a long series of skylights. This is nice for the readers, but not so good for the books, which will suffer from being exposed to direct sunlight. This 15-foot high expanse of white-painted shelves will hold at least several thousand books, and definitely requires the use of a ladder – but I do not know if the one provided would be long enough for anyone but the tallest reader.


somethingblond.blogspot (Southern Accents)

This handsome two-level library has a wrought-iron balcony rail and white-painted shelves. There is room for a piano, as well as space for seating and what looks like a desk in the corner. A pleasant space.



This space is likely an impressive two-story, beautifully wood-paneled library, although it is hard to tell the size from this photo.


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