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The library in this $35 million Aspen, CO house is very large, with high cathedral ceilings, fireplace and ample stained-wood bookshelves, in addition to a big flat-screen TV (which usually detracts from a perfect library, in my opinion). An impressive space, nonetheless.



This is an impressive two-story library in a $15 million Lake Arrowhead, California house. The house is billed as being "French Normandy-style," which is evident from the massive and elaborate stone fireplace in this room, but other elements seem more rustic-American, and the bookcases have classically-fluted moldings. Despite the stylistic amalgam, this library has two full levels of bookcases, ample space for a serious book collection.



This library/study is part of a 12,000-square-foot house in Pleasanton, CA. Although it is not possible to see the other two walls of the room, at least one is probably occupied by more bookcases. Nice ceiling.



This two-story library is in a 20,000-square-foot house in Chappaqua, NY. A very impressive library, with two levels of beautiful wood bookcases. A lovely space.



This library does not have many bookcases in it, but it is such a large and beautiful room that I have included it here. It is part of an 8,000-square-foot house in Greenwich, CT, likely built in the 1920s (which is why this library is so wonderful). The rough ceiling and beams (I love Bankers' Tudors), the rustic fireplace, the oriental carpet, the grand window seat – all of these elements make this room something special. (It would be even nicer with more bookcases, though.)



This library in a 36,000-square-foot Knoxville, TN mansion claims to have three levels (I have never before seen a tri-level library). There appear to be bookcases on the top two levels, but it is not clear what is in the basement level. The wood is Honduras Mahogany, and the spiral staircase is quite nice, but the carpet makes the place look like a cruise ship.



This library, in a $7 million Quebec, Canada house, has a spiral staircase to an upper-level mezzanine on one side of the room. There is a beautiful wood-paneled fireplace and soaring two-story windows on one wall. I don't think I've ever seen such a blue library before – the room would look much more "library-like" in a shade of red, in my opinion. Still, a fairly comfortable, handsome library.



There is no photograph of the main floor of this two-story library in a 25,000-square-foot Carmel, Indiana mansion, but it is obviously a fine space with bookshelves on both levels. Beautiful wood bookcases and paneling, a fireplace and a magnificent painted ceiling make the room a splendid library.



This is a nice single-story library in a $10 million San Diego, CA house built in 1928. There are beautiful built-in bookcases with glass doors and wood paneling all around. The French door adds to the English country house library look.



This is another impressive two-story library in a $28 million house in Los Angeles, CA. The ample bookcases and paneling are all done in mahogany, there is a marble fireplace and ornate carved wood moldings throughout the bookcases and the room. However, one drawback I see is that there is no spiral staircase within the room to access the upper level. One must go outside the room to ascend, which seems out of character for a two-story library in which so little expense was spared.


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