Truly Grand Home Libraries (page 6)


Living With Books; Dupuich

The Library at Chateau de Serrant in the Vendée region of France. It has everything a grand library should have: besides 12,000 books, there are beautiful double-height oak bookcases and paneling, a large fireplace, ancestral portraits, antique furnishings and carpets, plus a billiard table for recreation. I might never want to leave such a room.


This Old House Magazine

The very impressive library in a house in Hatfield, Massachusetts. It was added on to the 200-year-old house owned by a public relations specialist for food writers. The 20x40-foot room contains more than 5,000 books on the cherry wood bookcases, as well as multiple seating areas, five window seats, a circular staircase and a mini-bar for entertaining, which she does frequently in the course of her career.

Note: these were the very first home library photos to impress on me what private libraries can be. I tracked down this issue of This Old House Magazine from July 1999 that I had remembered for many years and eventually created a notebook of such photos, later leading to this site as I planned my own (more modest but still sizable) library. I believe that everyone who loves beautiful home libraries has one library, pictured in his or her mind from a visit or photograph, that made them realize just how admirable such rooms can be.


Books Do Furnish a Room; Geddes-Brown

An ancient library of very old books, occupying at least two rooms of the Castello di Massino near Turin, Italy. The castle was an convent in the 1100s and was eventually converted to a private estate house in the 1500s. The library books were collected around the 1670s.



A spectacular two-story round room with round windows on the upper balcony level, which serves as a fairly modest library. The downstairs is a plushly-furnished sitting room and office, ringed with tall, traditional windows that bathe the space in natural light. The plasterwork on the underside of the balcony is particularly beautiful.



The two-story library of Champ d'Or, a 48,000 square foot mansion in Corinth, TX, on the market for $65 million in 2008. Now, this is a pretty impressive library, in size as well as in beauty of woodwork and furnishings. But there seems to be a shortage of bookshelves for such a huge room.