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The largest and most ornate of the six libraries at Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, England – often selected as England's favorite country house. It is the largest private library in England with almost 27,000 books collected during several centuries. The old library has 17,000 books from the first seven Dukes of Devonshire. The newer private family library (shown in the third photo occupied by the 11th Duke, who died in 2004) has a collection of almost 10,000 books collected by the past five Dukes and their families.


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The library at Bantry House (OK, it's not in England, but in County Cork, Ireland). Beautiful.


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Sir Walter Scott's library and two-story study in his home at Abbotsford, in the south of Scotland. It was built in 1824.



The library at Blickling Hall in Norfolk, England, built in 1616. In around 1745 the long gallery was converted into a library to house a collection of books. The room also has a Pre-Raphaelite frieze above the bookcases painted by J.H. Pollen in 1850. The library contains one of the most historically significant collections of manuscripts and books in England.



The Long Library at Holkham Hall in Norfolk, England. The Hall and library were built around 1760, designed by architect William Kent in the Palladian-revival style. The Long Library running the full length of one wing of the large house still contains the collection of books acquired by Thomas Coke on his Grand Tour through Italy, where he saw for the first time the Palladian villas which were to inspire Holkham Hall.



The library at Gunby House in Lincolnshire, England. The house was built in 1700 and the library has been re-created and filled with books donated by the late James Lees-Milne, a noted English author and expert on country houses. There is also a rare autographed copy of the first edition of Boswell's biography "Life of Johnson" as Dr. Johnson was a regular visitor to Gunby House. Tennyson was also a guest of the house, hence his hand-written verse which hangs in the entrance hall of the house, signed and dated 1849


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The library at Belvoir Castle in Leicestershire, England. The Castle was built and re-built several times since Norman times. After a fire in 1813, parts were re-built, including the libraries. The small library was designed for study but the adjacent Library, with large Gothic windows and a gilded neo-Tudor ceiling, was furnished as a comfortable reception room.

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