Celebrity Home Libraries

These are libraries of all sizes in the homes of famous people, mostly (but not all) in entertainment or politics.



These two photographs are of Diane Keaton's library in her house in Beverly Hills, CA.



Rod Stewart's home library in Beverly Hills.



Jimmy Stewart's home library in Beverly Hills. On the low table are a Presidential Medal of Freedom, the nation’s highest civilian honor, and a book of poems Stewart published in 1989.


sibehzai.blogspot.com (from At Home with Books)

Keith Richards' London home library. An impressive classical octagonal room with nicely-designed book shelves all around.



Karl Lagerfeld's very large home library in his photo studio apartment in Central Paris. He had 60,000 books, mostly concerning fashion and art, making it one of the world's largest private libraries. His bookshelves appear to be made of thin steel, running the length of each wall of the large room, and about three stories up. A steel circular staircase ascends to the steel catwalk that encircles the space about fifteen feet off the floor, and a steel platform ladder on wheels allows access to the higher books on the main level. A very industrial look, but the steel is a practical choice – needed to hold the extra weight of the glossy coffee-table art and fashion books, which are stored horizontally throughout.



This is Brook Astor's red-lacquered library, designed for her Park Avenue apartment by Albert Hadley. It is apparently a very famous room among interior designers.



Woody Allen's library in his apartment in Manhattan's Upper East Side.



This is the library in the weekend house of celebrated clothing designers Mark Badgley and James Mischka. The book cases and wood paneling are painted black, which really allows the books to pop out visually. An elegant room.



This is the library in designer Ralph Lauren's Manhattan apartment near Central Park. Very modern: white lacquer floating shelves anchored at the ends, built in to the white walls so that they do not draw attention to themselves. Matching white cubical furniture.



This is the Washington, D.C. (former) home library of Karl Rove, former political advisor to President George W. Bush. Painted a sunny yellow, the room is a very traditional English Country style of library. the book shelves are painted yellow to match the walls, and occupy at least two walls of this large room.


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