Libraries in Film (page 2)


7111 (thank you for the suggestion of Hans Krol of Heemstede)

Woody Allen and Romy Schneider kissing in the library in What's New Pussycat (1965).


7112 (Library Association of Ireland)

In Breakfast at Tiffany's, Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard spend some time in the New York Public Library in Manhattan. I am not certain that the interior shot in this scene is actually in the real NYPL, or if only the exterior scenes were filmed there.


7113 (Library Association of Ireland)

The quaint, Quaker-speaking librarian in the local library in the romantic comedy "The Philadelphia Story" (1940), played by Hilda Plowright, and starring Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn and Jimmy Stewart.

"Librarian: What is thee wish?
Macaulay Connor: I'm looking for some local b - what'd you say?
Librarian: What is thee wish?
Macaulay Connor: Um, local biography or history.
Librarian: If thee will consult with my colleague in there.
Macaulay Connor: Mm-hm. Dost thou have a washroom?
[the librarian points]
Macaulay Connor: Thank thee."

(It's funnier in the film -- watch it here:



The Music Man (1962), in which Shirley Jones plays Marian the Librarian and Robert Preston plays con man Harold Hill, who inadvertently falls in love with her.



Shanghai Nights (2003), starring Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson. Set in 1887 London, the movie has a pretty cool library fight scene in which Jackie Chan cleverly (but destructively) uses library books and furnishings (including a rolling library ladder, shown above) to defend himself against three sword-wielding attackers. The library is beautiful and complete with the requisite hidden library door.

Watch the excellently-choreographed scene:



Ghostbusters, starring Dan Aykroyd and Bill Murray. The first of many supernatural appearances occurs in the New York Public Library on NYC's Fifth Avenue, where the exterior marble lions are shown in the opening shots. However, the interior haunted stacks were filmed in the Los Angeles Central Library.



The library in the movie Meet Joe Black (1998) in the scene in which Anthony Hopkins meets Brad Pitt, who plays the figure of Death. This impressive library room appears to be a two-story, octagonal-shaped room with beautiful wood paneling, shelves, fluted columns and spiral staircase, and a lighter-colored parquet floor. Although some of the mansion scenes were filmed in the Aldrich Mansion in Rhode Island, I believe that the library was probably a set constructed in the former National Guard Armory in Brooklyn, New York. It's really quite incredible that such a solid-looking room could be only a temporary set. Such is the magic of film, I guess.



Cookie Monster from Sesame Street tries to find cookies at the library, and drives the librarian quite mad with his requests. Here’s the scene: