Corporate Libraries

These are libraries that maintained by private businesses to serve the needs of their employees. They include hospital libraries, libraries in law, architectural, design and marketing firms, and scientific libraries of major research companies.


This is the office library of advertiser Richard Christiansen. The black shelves fill at least three walls, providing traditional book shelves on two of them, and a place to display books and magazines with covers out on the third wall.



The library in the Swiss Re corporate building in Munch, Germany. Swiss Re is a large, worldwide reinsurance company (an insurer for insurance companies).



The library at the Scholastic publishing company's corporate building in New York City. One would expect a worldwide book publisher to have a lovely library, and according to employees, it is true: comfortable chairs, lots of books and magazines and helpful librarians.



The library/ office at the Tenute Barone di Valforte vineyard in Abruzzo, Italy. The Sorricchio family has owned the baronial fief of Valforte since the 13th Century and has made significant investments in their wine business in recent years. This library has a feeling of being housed in an underground wine cellar, but could simply have a vaulted ceiling and an absence of windows (which is not unusual for a library). Pretty cool either way.