Hotel, Cruise Ship and Restaurant Libraries

There are a few hotels that, to project a welcoming atmosphere, maintain libraries of various size in their facilities: in their lobbies, in separate library rooms, or occasionally in an upscale hotel suite. Additionally, restaurants, coffee shops and even non-bookselling retail stores occasionally keep libraries for the enjoyment of their customers. And cruise ships often have a library from which passengers can obtain reading material.


The mezzanine-level hotel library at 45 Park Lane, an Art Deco-style boutique hotel in the Mayfair district of London, England.



The lobby, Reading Room and Writer's Den of The Library Hotel in Manhattan, New York, an entirely library-themed hotel. Even the individual rooms have small book collections in them and each of the ten floors is"dedicated to one of the ten classifications of knowledge of the Dewey Decimal System: Social Sciences, Literature, Languages, History, Math & Science, General Knowledge, Technology, Philosophy, The Arts and Religion. Each of the sixty exquisitely appointed rooms have been individually adorned with a collection of art and books relevant to one distinctive topic within the category of the floor it belongs to." Sounds like a fun place for library-lovers to stay.



The hotel lobby in the Mercer Hotel in New York City.


7404 (Vintage Resign)

The very yellow Library at the Viceroy Hotel in Santa Monica, California. "For a secluded dinner, meeting or private film screening, The Library is a cozy spot for unique Santa Monica events just off the main lobby and adjacent to the pool deck. It is home to 2,000 books on the arts and culture hand-picked by Kelly Wearstler the interior designer behind Viceroy. The Library also offers a 42" plasma-screen television available exclusively for private gatherings."



The library at the Hotel Aria in Prague, Czech Republic. Very cozy looking.



The paneled library lounge at the Cooper Square Hotel in New York City. Very modern.



The beautiful library at the Hotel Legado Mitico in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


7408 (Nick Lansley)

The Library Bar at the Husdon Hotel in New York City. Most of the books are placed on very high shelves out of reach of patrons (like cruelly dangling candy out of reach of children?), but there are some books and magazines closer to ground level for guests, "including topics ranging from film, theater, fashion and art, to travel and politics." There is a large fireplace, a billiards table, leather sofas and wing chairs, and antique area rugs as well as some desks fitted with laptop computers. And reputedly good drinks too – very nice.



The ship's library on Cunard's Queen Victoria. "The nearly 6,000 book traditionally-styled English Library, situated on 2 and 3 Decks, is a stunning double-deck room with rich mahogany wood panelling, stained glass, leather sofas and armchairs and a spiral staircase. The library has two full-time Librarians in attendance."



The floating library on the Celebrity Solstice. The library shelves are beautifully lit so that they appear to glow in a golden light.