Hotel, Cruise Ship and Restaurant Libraries (page 2)


The library aboard the Celebrity Eclipse. A curved, double-height "book wall" is the central feature of this library.



Les Editeurs, a restaurant in Paris, France, with book-lined walls, comfortable red velvet furniture and French cuisine.



The Bibliotekbaren (Library Bar) at the Hotel Bristol in Oslo, Norway.


7414 (Thanks to Bo N. for the suggestion)

The magnificent two-story library at The Inn at Mountain Quest, a small inn and conference center in rural Virginia. The library, built in 2002, contains a jaw-dropping 27,000 books, the largest private collection in the state, and is the only private library that is part of the state public library system. The collection is comprised solely of non-fiction subjects ranging from science to knowledge management to the humanities, areas in which the owners of the hotel have advanced degrees.

The library has floor-to-ceiling shelves around all four sides, and three small alcoves on one side of the lower level. The shelf interiors are painted off-white to reflect light so as to make the titles readable, with dark cherry wood trim on the outside edges. Lighter colors were chosen throughout the space (such as in the carpet) to maximize light, and the off-white painted tin ceiling above is ringed with recessed lighting to reflect downward. A cherry wood circular staircase provides access to the upper level, which has full-height shelves around most of the exterior walls and shorter ones along the railings.

The library is furnished with a baby grand player piano, a marionette display and comfortable leather couches and chairs. Additionally, a collection of beautiful antique kaleidoscopes is displayed upon the bookcases on the upper level, tempting guests to pick them and look through them. Altogether a magical space. This is undoubtedly the largest hotel library in existence, and one of the more impressive private libraries.



The library at the Park Hyatt Hotel in Tokyo, Japan. It contains 2,000 books from a dozen countries in a variety of languages.