My Libraries (page 3)


The finished room (nearly all the furnishings came from local consignment & thrift stores and Craigslist, and the carpet from Ebay, but despite spending less on all the furniture than the price of a decent new sofa, I think it turned out pretty nicely):

Walking into the library from the rest of the house. I had been shopping around for a good used grand piano for some time, and finally was notified that this one was available (it plays well, but is not a famous brand, so it was much less than I thought I would have to spend). The wall with the sliding glass door holds history books, from Early Man on the upper left, to 20th-century American history on the lower right. The wall behind the sofa holds the subjects of music, art, science and religion.


The windowseat, in a south-facing wall, which gets lovely sunlight all year round. Most of this entire wall holds mystery stories, overwhelmingly British mysteries.


Mysteries on the left wall and the beginning of history on the right. I have interspersed the books with objects relating to their subject, such as the bust of Athena in the Ancient Greek section. That's "Herr Mozart" on the table (with a Halloween Roman helmet atop -- his headwear changes seasonally).



The wall with the Jotul enameled wood-burning stove has numerous framed prints of Literary Maps: maps printed inside or on the endpapers of famous stories: Lord of the Rings, Winnie-the-Pooh, The Princess Bride, Narnia, The Secret Garden, The Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan, The Wind in the Willows, Thomas Hardy's Wessex, The Pilgrim's Progress, Thomas More's Utopia, etc.

We love our new library room. It adds so much space to our house, allowing us to store some of the 7,000 books we have, and it is a great place for reading and studying (I homeschool my children and most lessons take place here). It's also a wonderful room in which to play the piano, socialize with friends (not in front of the television!) and warm up near the wood-burning stove on cold winter evenings. It's not so grand as some of the ornate libraries on this site, but it fits in with our fairly simple Arts & Crafts farmhouse. We're so glad we decided to build it.