Since booklovers think of little besides books, it's not unnatural that many have written books on the subject of books and libraries. There are a number of books like this site (except with better design and larger photos) -- coffee-table collections of beautiful photographs of impressive home libraries and publically-owned libraries around the world. If you like the images on this site, you will find most of these books absolutely drool-worthy, as I do. A few of my favorites:


At Home with Books: How Booklovers Live with and Care for Their Libraries, Estelle Ellis, Caroline Seebohm, Christopher Simon Sykes, 256 pages, Clarkson Potter, 1995.

This book set the modern standard for "library porn" books. Even though some of the decor is slightly dated, most of it is of the classic sort that still looks great, even after two decades. And the libraries themselves are still magnificent, ranging from grand English country house libraries to small apartments crammed full of books in an appealingly eccentric way. There are also tips on collecting and storing books and interviews with the owners of the libraries that reveal their interesting personalities and book collecting habits. A very enjoyable book; highly recommended.

Decorating with Books (House Beautiful), Marie Proeller Hueston, 144 pages, Hearst 2006.

This is another of my favorite books in this genre of collections of beautiful photos of home libraries, although this one focuses more on the interior design aspect than the collecting of books. These libraries may be even more beautiful than those in "At Home with Books," although most do not contain as many books. Some of my favorite images on this site came from this book.


Books Do Furnish a Room, Leslie Geddes-Brown, 160 pages, Merrill, 2009

Yet another very nice collection of library photos, many of which seem to be from English houses (the author was editor of Country Life magazine, among others), and I, for one, love the look of English libraries. Filled with cozy library pictures.




Living With Books, Dominique Dupuich and Roland Beaufre, 192 pages, Thames and Hudson, 2010.

This is another great collection of library photos, focusing mostly on libraries in France and French-speaking parts of the world like Morocco. Most of these libraries show the great style that only the French manage to have, and the rooms actually look like real people with real books live in them, revealing the quirks and eccentricities of those people.



Living with Books, Alan Powers, 144 pages, Sterling, 2006.

This book (not to be confused with the other book with the same title, which is indeed a different book with different photos) is another good collection, although perhaps not quite as interesting as the French one. Well worth adding to any serious collection of library porn.




The Most Beautiful Libraries in the World, Jacques Bosser, 248 pages, Harry N. Abrams, 2003.

This book covers not home libraries but the magnificent traditional architecture of national, royal, academic and public libraries. Much information is given about the history and collections of the 20 or so libraries covered in here. Absolutely beautiful photographs of the grandest libraries in the world.



Libraries, Candida Höfer, 272 pages, Schirmer/Mosel, 2006.

Short on text, but filled with library photos that qualify as great art in themselves, taken by a world-renowned photographer of architectural spaces.