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If you would like to contact me to make suggestions, send library photos and information or just say "hello," please feel free to do so. No uncivil language, please, and no solicitations (including for web advertising or search ranking services - I am not interested, thank you).

As noted at the bottom of every page, I give my own unconditional permission for anyone to use any image or text from this site (although a mention of my site is a nice thing to do). However, I do not own the rights to the photos, other than those of my own library. If you want to use them for a blog, that likely won't be a problem, but for any print publication or profit-making web site, you should definitely try to track down the original source of the photo (which may not be the source I have listed). Good luck with your projects and thanks for visiting my site!



Here's a guest post I did for another site which tells some of the history of and reasons for making this site: